Saturday, February 8, 2014

Bertrand Russell

by and by reading The Value of Philosophy by Bertrand Russell, I have in condition(p) much about his belief in hu manhood flavour. Basically, Bertrand Russell believed that philosophical enquiry, even for questions that could non be answered, expand the mind. After reading the website, it is clear that he was an atheist and sounded wish a humanist too. His arguments atomic number 18 flawed to theists and also to scientists alike. It does non matter if they are theists or not. This is because, according to scientists, the universe go away gain to an end so the universe is finite. There is no vastness in something that is doomed to destruction. Also, if the universe has an end it so has a beginning. A beginning implies a cause. That cause brush deviation only be God. Bertrand Russells account on imprisonment is square much associated the basis of doctrine. Russell also makes accounts connecting philosophy to the significance of horizon process on the universal level. These accounts are easily compared to the foundations of Plato and Socrates teachings. Socrates himself apprehended philosophy more than life itself. Comparing Russells practical man to the prisoners of Platos Cave is simple. The practical man only recognizes physical needs. He only then recognizes that pabulum is essential for the survival of the fittest of men, just now men are unaware of the design to provide food for the mind. In Platos Cave, the prisoners have been chained since childhood so that they are equal to(p) to only fulfil straight ahead. If the prisoners were to emerge the cave, they would experience a wide depart of things and would be able to see the cave for what it unfeignedly is to them. thence they would think of the cave as a prison and no longer their reality. both(prenominal) Russell and Socrates believed that our view of the world is shaped by our induce learned experiences and may not be enough to recognise how things really are. Daily l ife does not necessarily refund us the expe! rience to see through to reality. Thus an unexamined life is not worth living in...If you want to get a intact essay, order it on our website:

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